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  • With the knowledge database you can select and calculate “similar calculated tools”. This database is filled with your own calculations.

    This way each company has the opportunity to create a knowledge database tailored to its own needs.

    With OEMs or their direct suppliers, for instance, this could be a database that contains (all) tool prices that were paid for the appropriate tools. Another database could contain the costs for tools you have calculated yourself.

    Toolmakers could create a knowledge database, which includes (all) already manufactured tools. This offers the opportunity to calculate with the actual values from final costing.

    Another database could include the offered prices of tools.

    All calculations contained in a knowledge database can be updated with a click of a button in terms of costs for material, purchased parts and hourly rates. At the same time all calculations contained in a knowledge database can be complemented with the latest program features.

    The available calculations can be selected through various filters or directly, exported and then used as the basis for a new Detailed calculation.

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