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  • The speed cost calculation is a separate extension module based on the Schmale basic program for tool cost calculation. It offers various Schmale standards, which lead the user to an even quicker, more realistic result. The number of entries may be significantly reduced.

    It is necessary to enter only five parameters for this purpose:

    • Type of tool
    • Product size
    • Product difficulty
    • Ejection system and heat isolation
    • Hourly rate selection

    The entry of data is not necessary here. You only need to select the parameters and you will immediately get a result!

    You still have the option with speed cost calculation to use additional parameters for fine tuning.

    For a fast analysis of the unit price the main parameters can be copied directly from speed cost calculation to Unit price calculation.

    All settings selected here can be copied directly to Detailed calculation and further adapted there in greater detail.

    > detailed calculation