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  • Calculate changes in tools

    People often ask why the modifiacation tool is required? You can calculate the new production of the tool with and without changes in the basic model and see the cost difference.

    This is certainly the case in a tool change before the order is placed, i.e. before starting the assembly, but at the same time rather difficult to determine. The costs of changes with the necessary differentiation of the actual additional tasks to the basic order are of actual significance. A tool which is manufactured in part or is even finished including testing, causes significantly higher efforts with the same change than a tool, which has not even been planned yet. Simply looking at the difference often does not work and the documentation in modification management would also be flawed.

    The calculation strategy

    The speed cost calculation is a separate extension module based on the Schmale basic program for modification cost calculation.

    Schmale standards for various change scenarios are made available. By selecting them you will be guided to a realistic result even quicker.

    The number of entries may be significantly reduced. The risk to overlook cost-relevant factors in tool changes is minimized.


    Detailed calculation allows you to perform extensive and individual calculations for all of your needs.

    All standard values are copied automatically from speed cost calculation to detailed calculation. All entered specifics of tool changes can be adapted and set in detail.

    The price of materials, purchased parts and hourly rates are up to date and listed in detailed calculation.

    The modification cost calculation is offered for the following tools:

    • Sheet-metal forming tools
    • Punching tools
    • Compount progressive tools
    • Injection moulding tools, large and small
    • Compression moulds


    Final costing

    After production the actually required times and costs can be compared with the calculation.