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  • The company Schmale Werkzeug- und Formtechnik GmbH was founded in 1997 by Lothar and Helmtrud Schmale.

    The managing partner Dirk Mühlhahn is always on top of the game in the industries thanks to his years-long experience in the fields of tool and mould making.

    The highly diversified range of services and solutions comprises company representations in consulting to customized calculation software.

    In the past years especially the fields consulting and calculation software were continuously expanded. It is safe to say that especially in the field of customized and customer-oriented calculation software Schmale GmbH is a market leader. Distribution was continuously expanded, also to non-German-speaking countries. What started as a good idea in 1997 with the Workshop Calculation has established itself as a “must-have” in the areas of tool and mould making. All renowned companies in the automotive industry and their suppliers calculate today with “Schmale”.

    The leading position on the market is in the end also a product of our absolute customer orientation. Customized software solutions for tool, mould and plant construction as well as their permanent further development will continue to determine the future path of Schmale GmbH. Of course, this also includes that the customer receives excellent consultation and is supplied with appropriate basic data through the field of “Schmale Consulting”.

    “Schmale” is the “all-around, problem-free package” for tool, mould and build up construction.

    What is our software philosophy?

    • Easy-to-use program
    • Analytical functioning
    • Displaying the performance of the individual tool construction
    • Changes and their effects are directly accessible on an information sheet
    • Orientation offer in the early stages of development
    • Detailed offer, no flat rate