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    To determine the unit price there Schmale Parts Calculator is as additional software available for the following technologies:

    • Steel sheet parts
    • Aluminum sheet parts
    • Plastic injection molding  parts
    • Pressed parts of SMC, GMT and LFT
    • Aluminum die cast parts

    Individual methods such as

    • Coating
    • Laser cutting
    • Water jet cutting etc.

    as well as other freely definable methods.

    Process-oriented calculation of the unit prices with an analytical perspective
    Unit Cost Power

    A speed cost calculation on the basis of Schmale standard parameters is also possible in “Unit Cost Power”. Only the following entries are necessary:

    • Technology
    • Article size and material thickness
    • Material type
    • Life time
    • Annual number of pieces
    • Tool costs

    Based on these entries a logic automatism is triggered that copies and calculates all other values from the Schmale database. Of course, the user has the option to check these parameters and, if necessary, adjust them for fine tuning in accordance with the corresponding needs of the company.


    Each user is capable of creating standardized processes in the database. In the material process the “coating” technology is integrated in the database.

    In the machine process “laser cutting” is part of the database. “Water jet cutting” is shown as an example.

    Comparison: Own production vs. purchased part: To decide in an instant if a purchased part solution is more economical for the company than the purchased part can be compared directly with the own production.


    Project Controlling is an extension module for unit price determination. By this process, individual parts of a component or a project can be put together for a general overview or a general offer. Import calculations from the modules “Unit Costs Power” and “Individual Unit Costs” or create these directly from project controlling. This is available:

    • ABC analysis
    • Profitability check
    • Determination of overhead rate
    • Calculation of material/purchasing volume
    • Changes in the individual calculations of unit costs
    • Support in the creation of offers
    • Manual extension of overall calculation
    • Output in Excel or XML
    • Graphic display