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    - Injection moulding

    - Die Casting

    - Core making

    - Compression moulding

    - Rubber Injection

    - Foaming

    - forging technology

    Mould construction

    Tool making

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    Project Controlling


    - Sheet-metal forming
      and punching

    - Hot Forming

    - sheet-bar cutting

    - Compound progressive

    Build up construction


    Mould construction

    Technologies in mould construction with specific calculation strategies for injection molding, die casting, compression molding, rubber injection and foaming tools.

    Tool making

    Technologies in tool making with specific calculation strategies for metal forming, stamping and follow-on composite tools as well as plant construction.

    Unit price

    For the calculation of production costs for sheet steel, aluminum die casting, plastic injection molding and pressed parts as well as for any other selectable process.